Friday, September 23, 2011

Huntin' for a needle in a haystack.....Bingo!

Notice those square tail lights? Those are Deitz 161 tail lights and from what I understand they used to be used on all sort of trailers back in the 60's. I mean they were on everything. can't find one anywhere. Or at least not very easy.

I finally sent Tom Patterson, an avid Streamline and Silver Streak collector/restorer, an email to ask if he knew of a source for these Deitz 161 lenses. Bingo....He turned me on to a guy in Pennsylvania that happened to have one whole assembly and one lens left, so I immediately told the guy I'd take them. Will ship out tomorrow. Should have them next week. 

The lenses on the trailer are in fair condition, but I wanted to have some new ones or at least a couple of spares. 

Tom Patterson has made a mold for the Streamline logos that are on the front and back of the trailer and has new cast aluminum logos for sale. I'll order those later on when I start working on the outside.

So far I've ordered a new power outlet, new power converter/breaker panel, new insulation and new plywood and epoxy for the floor. 

I got part of the belly pan cut out yesterday. Next week I'll work on beefing up the frame and curing some of the rust.

Until then.....


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  1. Does Tom Patterson have a website?
    It's so interesting watching you transform this trailer.