Monday, September 19, 2011

Back at work....drilling out rivets. Have to be Nearing the end!!!

Started drilling rivets again to remove the 2 ceiling panels on each side of the roof. I plan on leaving the middle panel (famous last words), but have to remove the outside ones so I can remove the fiberglass end cap and reseal all the seams in the front. There were a bunch of rivets over the door and on each support beam on either side of the door, spaced about 1" apart which equals a lot of rivets. I finally got all the rivets loose and the panels down. I removed all the old insulation that I could reach and will replace each small panel of insulation with new Prodex insulation.

I began to itch from all the insulation that got on me while I was removing it from the walls, so I decided to quit for awhile and shower off to get some of this fiberglass off me. I'll let all the fiberglass dust settle and go back out later and do some more, but for now it is break time.

I got the insulation in along with the double sided tape

and Prodex sealant. 

The electric power converter box also came in Friday. Whoa...I got another one in the mail today. Somehow they shipped me 2 of them. I called the lady and will ship it back to her. She said she'd reimburse me for the shipping and give me a 5% discount off the price of the one. Cool deal.

Now I just have to figure out how to get all this stuff back together. LOL

Here's some pictures of the rivets over the door.

These are on the front side of the door. 

These are on the back side of the door. There were a lot of rivets in this little section!

 I nearly have the front fiberglass end cap out.

Here the end cap is removed and most of the insulation removed. I still have some insulation to remove but I ran out of tubs and space in the dumpster.

The black lines in the curvature of the trailer is where the leaks are coming from. I'll have to re-seal the seams before I put the end cap back on.

I think most of the wiring will be accessible now, so I'll be able to re-wire it more easily. Before, when I was going to leave the ceiling on, it would have been tough to re-wire some of it, so I think it worked out best to take part of the ceiling off....even though I didn't really want to.

Until next time....


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  1. keg-you are crazy-but i dig it! you tackled a frigging nightmare of a project!! isn't it easier to come to the BIG H snd go to some game rooms with L and I??