Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Leaking

We got an inch and a half of rain last night and it cooled off a lot. We needed the rain so bad. That's the most rain we've had at one time in over a year. Previously we've had about .3" of an inch and that was in two rain showers. It's been right at a year since we've actually had some good rain.

It's not all good news though. I went out to the camper this morning to check things out and sure enough, it had leaked. You can see where the water got the floor wet in the front corner on the curb side.

 The driver side didn't seem quite as wet as the other side but this is where the most floor damage is, so I'm gonna assume that this side leaks just as bad or worse.

 Anyway, it prompted me to go ahead and remove the front interior fiberglass that covers the curved part of the trailer. I really didn't want to do this but I'd better do it now or forever be fighting leaks. So I had to drill more rivets, not just a few mind you, but a bunch of them.

I had to take off the curtain rails that you can see in the above picture. Had to take the lights off the shelf, too.

The shelf had rivets, the curtain rails had rivets, the angle brackets that held the shelf on had rivets and the textured pieces that match the rest of the ceiling had rivets. Then when I got those off, the textured ceiling sheets that run the length of the trailer had rivets through the front fiberglass piece.

I thought when I got all the visible rivets drilled out the end piece could be popped out. No such luck.

The fiberglass end piece has rivets underneath the textured ceiling panels. So I guess I'm forced to remove the ceiling panels that are on each side. Hopefully I'll get to leave the middle piece. I sure wasn't expecting to have to remove any of the ceiling panels. Oh well, I'll be able to insulate part of the ceiling with better insulation.

These front seams are the ones that are leaking. When I finally get the front end piece off, I'll be able to seal each seam with some Prodex sealant.

And that's all for today. It will probably be a few days before I get to work on the trailer, because I'm going to the swap meet in Decatur. I'm looking for a cab over engine (coe) truck to put on my 96 Ford F350 flat bed to pull the camper with. 

Until next time.....


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