Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rotten Floor Gone....Rotten day!

I got out early this morning to get some stuff done before it got too hot. I swept up some of the dirt and rivet heads to sort of tidy things up a bit before I got started. Looked things over and decided to cut the floor just past the rear of the wheel well (towards the front) to reveal the cross support member. I decided to replace the floor in sections instead of tearing the whole floor out and then replace everything. This way I'll replace the rear part, tear out another section and replace it. My reasoning behind this is that the floor's thickness (3/4") is part of what holds the shell up, so I didn't want to remove everything and then have to somehow jack up the shell to get the floor to slide under between the shell and the belly pan. It's still gonna be tough but I think this way will be a little easier and maybe safer. 

I removed all the exposed insulation.

On both sides.

It's fairly clean from the wheel wells back now. Got in there with the water hose and washed everything down. There was 43 years of dirt, dust, debri, and other assorted material.

I was covered with fiberglass dust early so I cleaned up, because I was itching pretty bad. The day kind of went downhill from there. 

Patsi had to go to Hobbs, so I backed my pickup into the empty part of the shop and proceeded to remove my old shocks to be replaced by the new Rancho adjustable shocks I had purchased last month. First, I didn't have the correct size wrench for the nuts on the rear shocks. I looked all over for a 13/16" or 21mm end wrench and couldn't find one in my array of tools. I did have a 21mm and 13/16" socket but I really needed two box end wrenches. 

So, I had to go see a friend and borrow one from him. Went back to the shop and got everything positioned again. I was lying on the creeper trying to get the wrench and socket positioned and somehow the 1/2" ratchet with the 21mm socket dropped straight down and smacked me right square in the mouth just below my nose. Boy that smarted....I think I saw a few stars there for a minute. I was pretty pissed but finally realized this just wasn't my day for doing this little project. So, I spit out the blood, went inside and iced my lip for a little while and cooled off. I decided I'd just take the rest of the day off. 

So....I did. 

Looking back on it, it was sort of comical....but my lip is still sore. When things aren't going right, you might as well quit and start over at another time.

Until next time....


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