Sunday, September 18, 2011

Driving only

 Friday: Well, I didn't get to work on the trailer today. I drove to Weatherford, Tx to visit my brother Jeff and attend a swap meet in Decatur on Saturday. It was a long 6 hour drive from Lovington. I was pretty short on diesel when I left and got $50 worth in Lamesa @ $3.89/gal. I figured that would get me nearly to Weatherford or somewhere closer where the diesel was less expensive. Yep, I was right. I saw diesel for $3.65, $3.71, $3.79 but passed them all up. I was beginning to worry that I had passed up all the cheaper places. I was going through Abilene and saw diesel as cheap as $3.65 and had serious thoughts about making a u-eee but thought I'd check the Walmart first. Good thing I did cause it was $3.42 there. You guessed it....I filled up there. Cost me about $220 to fill up but that should carry me about 1000-1200 miles.

 Jeff's Office:

Hard at work:

I got to Jeff's place about 5pm. We visited while he was finishing up some work. Before he finished, it came a turd floater, first good rain they'd had all summer. As you probably know, Texas is dry and a lot of it is on fire, so they really need the rain. They need it just as bad as we did, maybe worse. Anyway, we hopped in the truck during a lull in the wet stuff and went to get some BBQ. First place we went to, Outlaw's BBQ that's near his house, was out of ribs and brisket. I don't think they were prepared for a Friday night being out of food! So we hopped back in the truck and drove across town to Mesquites. I had a ribeye steak and Jeff had Caliente Chicken. Both were very good and I ate all of my steak. Boy was I stuffed.

Spent the night at Jeff's. He's got a really nice place. The road into his place is really narrow and needs some work. But they are building a new by-pass that will be within a 100 yards of his driveway when they finish. I don't know where the access road to the by-pass will be, but it will make his place a lot easier to get to.

Saturday: Drove to Decatur to see what I could find at the swap meet. Here's some pictures of the swap meet:

Vendors of all sorts. You can buy almost anything at a swap meet.

47 Chevy Pickup....ready to restore. Engine had been rebuilt.

Just a very neat old Mack Truck!

I bought some gloves, rags, and an old Oldsmobile hood ornament that I may make into a light for the camper. I'll post a pic later. I don't have a clue as to what year the hood ornament is. Somewhere in the 50's.

Drove to my mom's and spent the night with her and came home today. Had a nice visit with my mom. I fixed her door while I was there. I'm ready to get back to work on the trailer tomorrow.

Until then....


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