Friday, September 9, 2011

Poof, Shower be gone.....

Wish it were as easy as waving my trusty Harry Potter wand and saying the magic words. But, here in the now, in my reality, I have to use my trusty battery operated drill to drill out all these rivets holding everything together. It just isn't as quick as the Harry Potter wand method, but it's all I've got. LOL

As I was tearing (not literally) all the pieces apart, I realized I needed to be taking some more pictures. I had to quit and run into the house and get my camera. Oh yeah, I installed the new vent covers I had purchased before I got started on the shower because the old sun dried ones were so brittle they had blown off on the trip home from California. My duct tape job had at least kept the rain out.

Off to take some pics and try to get everything sort of swept up and begin to take out the floor. Pics will be forthcoming.

Well, the shower is out. Took me a while to find all the places it was riveted in. Then when I got it loose, it wouldn't go through the door. I knew it had to go through there because it had been put inside. Finally after wrestling with it for awhile I got it turned just right and was able to angle it out.

 Here's a shot of the end of the trailer with the shower gone.

Most of the carpet gone. Can you tell how rotten the wood is? 

This is where the shower used to set, wood is just about gone.

Someone either lost a puppy in the belly pan or this is a racoon or some other varmit skull. Not sure what the bone on the left is, hip bone maybe???

This is where I found the skull, underneath the shower.

Cut out some of the wood where the frig used to be.

Pulled some of the rotten wood out where the hot water heater used to be.

I had a septic tank truck come suck out the black water tank. The dump valve on the tank is inoperable and I'm really looking forward to replacing that. Any volunteers will be greatly appreciated. lol

I need to remove some of the inside panels now and finish removing the floor. Slow but sure....making progress.

Oh yeah, we decided to name our trailer and came up with the name 'New Mexi-can'. Inside will definitely have a southwest flair to the decor.



  1. Ron, re: "The dump valve on the tank is inoperable and I'm really looking forward to replacing that. Any volunteers will be greatly appreciated." Wayne said, "Sounds like a good job for Ronnie Parker to me!" ;-)

  2. Wow, looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you :) I'm sure it will be amazing looking in the end!
    The skull looks to be oppossum.