Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No actual work on trailer today!

I didn't do any actual work on the trailer today. Went to Hobbs and bought 6 sheets of 3/4" plywood from Lowe's and enough epoxy to coat the plywood from Sherwin Williams. When I returned to the shop I straightened up some of the mess that has accumulated the past few weeks.

I unloaded the 4 wheelers to use my trailer to retrieve my welder from my old shop. This is a new Lincoln Precision TIG welder I purchased a year or so ago and have never used. Now I just have to learn how to use it. May have to break out my trusty old Miller MIG welder. My learning curve will be much smaller since I've used it quit a lot in the past. Just haven't welded in quite some time, so I'm sure my welds will be works of art. LOL

I bought some knotty pine closet liner planks to stain and varnish to see what we might like to go back with on some of the walls. I used a Minwax golden pecan stain on one of them and a golden oak (don't remember what brand) on another. The Minwax golden pecan looked the best for what we like. Has more of a cherry wood look while the golden oak seemed to have some tinge of green in it.

I did read a ton of posts about different showers people have put in airstreams. An architect that remodeled an old airstream used tile in his shower and bathroom. I had seen his pictures before:
but I finally stumbled onto his blog where he described the products and technique he used to put the tile in. Made me rethink what I might do in the shower???

That's about the extent of my progress today....not much. Maybe more tomorrow.

Until next time.......


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