Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ho Hum kind of a day....

Well, it was one of those days. Ho hum. I gathered up all my tools and miscellaneous pieces that was in the trailer, then took the water hose and sprayed down the inside of the trailer. That got rid of most of the dust, mold, and lots of yuck. It's not spic and span but it is a little nicer to work in, but I didn't do much more today.

Patsi was having a group of ladies over to make cards and I had promised to BBQ burgers for the girls. So about 9 I made the burger patties, cut some onion and then started the fire about 10. Made some guacamole just before I put the burgers on. They were ready by noon and the girls were just about ready to eat. We had a feast for lunch.

I went shopping locally for plywood, epoxy paint, pneumatic rivet gun, and didn't find one thing. Well, maybe I found some plywood I might use, but I'll have to coat it with epoxy first. Guess I'll just order a rivet gun and some epoxy. I need to get lots of rivets and some POR-15 to coat the frame.

I did remove a couple of sheets of aluminum off the walls this afternoon. Other, than that, I didn't do too much today. Sorry, no pics today.


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