Thursday, September 8, 2011

There's still a lot of rivets, but I'm gettin' close....

Yesterday I got to the bathroom and I thought it'd be a breeze to get it totally cleaned out today. Boy was I wrong. Just with the wall and closet dividing the bathroom and the closet on the side of the shower, it took me all day to get all the rivets drilled out and get down to where I only had the shower left for tomorrow. I did remove some of the old carpet and pad. Hope I can remember how all this fits back least for the pieces I'm going to use. LOL

Here's some shots from today's work....

This is how it looked when I started this morning.

 Old copper lines for water & propane. This is the propane line. Notice the crack farrule fitting. Glad we didn't have propane on our trip home from California.

More wood rot behind the driver side wheel well. This extends into the bathroom.

This is the front of the driver side wheel well. It's been wet up here too. Not too rotten here though.

This passenger side wheel well where the frig set. It's pretty rotten also.

Looking from the bathroom with walls and cabinets removed.

Looking from the front with the walls and cabinets removed. Only the bathroom remains.

All the of the following pictures shows the walls and cabinets that I removed this afternoon. The only thing I have left to get out is the shower. I'll then be able to take the old flooring out.

Floor is rotted out in this closet. Water heater was in here.

Carpet still on the floor hiding rotten wood.

5 days to tear all apart....wonder if I can get it all back together in 5 days.....NOT! Until next time...


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