Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is it unpatriotic to work on Sunday 9-11?

10 years ago today I was worried that my brother in law was at work on Wall Street where his office is right across the street from the World Trade Center (or where they were). We were wondering if he was ok or if he was even still alive. Patsi finally got in touch with him about 10 am and he had done some work at home that morning and was running late getting into the office. We were relieved and blessed that he was ok, but very saddened by the events that unfolded that day.

We watched some of the ceremonies on tv this morning, but I finally went out to the trailer to start drilling rivets again. I only have about 1000 or so to go. lol  I did get one wheel well cover off and got all the aluminum sheets stacked up and stored in the order that I removed them.
Most of the panels off on the driver side. Most of the wiring is exposed.

I did manage to get one section off on the curb side.

Driver side wheel well removed.
I'm hoping that I don't have remove the top panels. I'm kind of getting tired of drilling rivets. But I'm sure when I start to put things back together I'll get tired of using the rivet gun. Such is the life of one that takes on projects.

I ordered a new breaker panel and power plug for the trailer today. I've been looking at pneumatic rivet guns but haven't decided on which one to buy. Will have to decide pretty soon, because I'm going to need it soon.

A few more panels to remove and then on to removing the floor.

Until tomorrow.....


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