Monday, September 12, 2011

Got to start on the floor....

Got started the this morning while it was still cool. Still had plenty of rivets to drill out and managed to get all the panels off the rear of the trailer and also off the curbside up to the door. I'm really amazed at the amount of rivets that was used in putting this trailer together. But, it's better to have plenty of rivets to hold everything together than have too few and the old trailer begin to fall apart. But it sure makes it quite a job to remove all the panels. It's not too bad when it is cool but when the temperature begins to rise, I begin to sweat like a stuck pig, drops of sweat running off my brow into my eyes, onto my glasses and I'm constantly trying to wipe my eyes clear which makes the job even more undesirable.

I got started on the floor right after lunch and it was already getting pretty warm. I did get the rear part of the floor which used to be the bathroom out and clean up a little. I think I'll wait until in the morning before I do much more.

This is where I left off yesterday:

Can you believe this used to be the inside of the camper?? I never believed there'd be so many pieces.
This used to be the bathroom floor. It was pretty rotten!

Just another view of the old bathroom floor.

 Both sides, rear panels, bathroom floor and wheel well covers removed.

Better view of the floor removed.

Looking from the front of the trailer to the rear.

I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to remove the ceiling panels to replace the insulation up there or not. If I totally replace all of the wiring I'll just about have to remove the ceiling panels to get to the wires. I would like to replace the insulation throughout the trailer and also all the old wiring, but I'm not sure I'm up to removing the ceiling panels and the fiberglass end caps. I can replace the insulation on the sides but if I don't pull the ceiling panels I'll have to use the old wiring in the top and leave the old insulation.  Another plus if I pull the ceiling and the end caps is that I can seal all the seams front and rear where the aluminum is curved on the corners. Guess I'll end up making up my mind in a few days.

Until next time....


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