Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finally.. all the panels are off the walls!

Dang, I woke up @ 3:30 this morning. That's just too early to get up. So, I lay there 'til a little after 4 before I got up. Patsi got up a short while later and we went to breakfast at Main Street Cafe this morning. We both had a big breakfast to start the day off. I got into the trailer shortly after we got home from the restaurant. I took the rest of the exposed insulation out of the wall cavities. I decided to leave the roof panels on, so I won't be tearing those off.

I still had to remove all the front panels forward of the door, so I started drilling rivets again. I got all the front panels off just about the time it started thundering in the distance. Wow, it might even rain.

Well, it rained....about 3.38 minutes! Barely enough to get the ground wet, and then the clouds were gone. Maybe a few remained but for the most part, it wasn't cloudy any more. It has been cooler today and I'm thankful for that. We still have chances of thunderstorms this evening, so maybe, maybe we'll get some rain.

Made a trip down to our local hardware/lumber store to see what they had to treat rust. I've read all the posts in the forums about POR-15, Rust Bullet etc, but I didn't want to have to order something,  run out and then have to order some more. I sure don't have any idea of how much I'll really need. Plus, this trailer has made it 43 years and I'm sure what I do will at least prolong its life for as long as I'm around. After looking at a couple of products I decided on 'Rust-Away'.

Here's a shot of the part of the frame that I treated this afternoon. It's supposed to dry to a black color in 30 minutes and you're supposed to apply a second coat. According to the directions you don't need to do anything else, no painting, no washing or anything. Notice the treated area is turning black and the untreated is still rust color.

The green in this shot is some Rust Away that hasn't dried.

Haven't treated this side yet.

This is looking from the front of the trailer with all the insulation removed.

The front section still has the insulation. I ran out of room in my trash bin and didn't want to fill up another tub. I have 2 full tubs already.

I ordered some Prodex insulation last night, along with some double sided tape and some seam sealer that is supposed to be really good. According to all the forums I've read on insulation Prodex insulation is supposed to be one of the best for insulating a trailer. If installed right, should have an R-value near or greater than 15. The trick is to install it right, which I will attempt. 

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