Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dealing with Life....

It's been a couple of days since I've worked on the 'New Mex-i-can'. Had to tend to life stuff, like shopping for things to use in the trailer, move welders around, clean the shop of a bit, change shocks out on the Dodge, go to the movie, dine out with my wife (El Cabellero's green chicken enchiladas - very hot & good), and board up our building that some local punks broke into. Don't think they stole anything that I could tell. Just busted the door and made a mess, so I had to put a piece of plywood over the door until I can replace the door frame. Such is life!

I'll probably replace the front shocks on the Dodge today and maybe get some welding done on the frame of the 'Mex-i-can'. I reinstalled the lock hasp so I could secure the inside of the trailer when we're away.

I did get the shocks replaced. Getting the old ones off was a wee bit frustrating but finally got them off. Installing the new ones was a breeze. New tires and new shocks, the truck should ride much better now. We'll even test it out this weekend going to Albuquerque.

I removed the back portion of the belly pan on the trailer so I could get at the frame to add some new metal and beef up the frame. Didn't get any welding done either. Sorry, no pictures today.

Won't work on the project anymore this week. Start up again next week.

Until next time.....


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