Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hodge Podge

It's been about 3 weeks since I've done any work on the trailer. Even though I haven't been working on the trailer, I have been pretty busy. We have made a couple of trips for pleasure camping, 4 wheeling and generally just racking up the miles on the highway. In addition to the that I've added a bathroom to my shop, welded up the side on my 4 wheeler trailer, cleaned up the shop a little and have been trouble shooting the 5th wheel for some electrical problems (which I hate to do).  I don't really know what the trouble was but it hasn't tripped a breaker at all in the last 4-5 days. Go Figure!!

I've even done a few projects in the yard. Dug up a spot to plant tulips and daisies. Still have to work it before we plant anything though. I think we have close to 200 tulip bulbs and about the same amount of daisy bulbs. We also have a bunch of iris's to plant that Patsi dug up at a friends. I finally got one section of wall for the compost pile installed.

The past couple of days (turned into several days) I've had to rearrange my shop to accommodate my new welder.

I definitely need an area for welding, so some things have had to be assimilated into other areas. My what we do to have a good time. LOL

Yesterday I went on a one day road trip with, Tommy Herring, a friend of mine. I sponsor Herring Racing (Tommy & Toby) with Amsoil for their modified flat track race car. We left for Santa Fe about 7:30 am to meet a guy that rebuilt the engine for Toby's (Tommy's son) race car, which I sponsor with Amsoil. We met Angelo of Geddes Race Engines just outside of Santa Fe, transferred the engine from his pickup to Tommy's pickup and then headed for Albuquerque to go by another engine shop to give them some parts for their other engine they are getting rebuilt. Lots of engines!! Only 13 hours on the road and back home that evening.

Gosh, living just gets in the way of projects. I'm headed to Abilene tomorrow to attend The Southern Challenge at Abilene Speedway. I'll be back Sunday and resume work on the shop, yard, trailer, and several other projects that I have started. Maybe I'll finish a few along the way while I'm finishing up the Streamline.

I've got the welder in place and most everything moved around in the shop so I can start welding on the frame next week.

Until next time.....


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