Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whittlin' the list down....

I Haven't really worked on the trailer directly but have knocked out a couple of other things I needed to get done. Patsi had bought a work table from one of the Chevron auctions a couple of years ago but it was too short to be of much use. So, yesterday I welded an extension frame together to raise the table up and make it more useful.

I also got some more of the shop moved around and rearranged so I'll have a welding area, woodworking area, and a place to work on the vehicles. Lots of stuff and lots of organizing, which I'm not the best at. lol

Today I used my new Kreg Pocket jig tool to build a container box to get some practice for building cabinets for the camper.

I was really impressed by the ease of using the tool. It made the joints really strong. Now I just need a little practice on following plans for the cabinets. lol 

Until next time.....


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