Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's all about balance.....

Patsi and I did a bit of gardening yesterday and today.  We planted about a dozen mums, about 25 tulips and 20 daffodils. It wouldn't have been too bad except for all the grass we had to dig out prior to planting anything. Bermuda grass is the pits. But once we got through it looked really nice.

Daffodils planted behind the mums and tulips planted in the front.

Should look really nice in the spring.

This is the hill I built this summer.

How it looked with all the sunflowers.

Had some really huge sunflowers!

Actually did some work to the trailer today. Started cleaning out the channels where the floor fits between the upper shell and the frame. It had numerous (as you can see in the picture) staples that stapled the shell to the floor with the carpet in between.

Practiced on my cabinet building skill by trying to build a box for the composting toilet I'm putting in the shop. Let's just say my cabinet building skills will have to improve substantially if I want the cabinets in the trailer to look really nice. lol I've got a few more things I can practice on before I have to build anything for the New Mexi-can.

I don't think I've mentioned my other project in this blog. Last year I bought a 1996 Ford Powerstroke flatbed truck with the intention of putting the cab from the 1946 International truck that Patsi got from the farm on the Powerstroke frame. 

But Patsi would like to restore the old IH back to the original, like it was used on the farm. 

So, we've been looking for a Cabover Engine truck to replace the cab on the Powerstroke. The 1950 Chevy pictured below is one we found in Albuquerque. 

But Patsi liked a 47 GMC that I found on the internet, plus I liked the look a lot also. The 47 GMC is pictured below:

This one was located in Kansas, but after talking to the guy it had quite a few of rusted out places. He said he had a 46 Chevy which looks basically the same except the bottom part of the grill is vertical instead of horizontal and the lights set on top of the fender instead of being built into the front of the fender. Like this one that we just bought tonight.

This one is supposed to even run. But it doesn't really matter since I won't be using the drive train from this truck. The only thing I'll use is the cab. I'm sure there will be lots of fabricating once I get started on this project. So, I've got a very full plate. It'll be a lot of fun building the vintage atv hauler to pull our vintage camper and it will be a lot of fun going places once we get finished with the projects. Wish me luck. I'll most likely need it. LOL

So, we have all these projects we're working on and we just balance our time to devote some to one project and then move on to another, then to another. Not really getting burned out of working on one all the time but having plenty to do and never getting bored.

Until next time.....


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  1. nice cab over, I guess it will give you alot of flatbed in the back for RV's. Hope it wll works out for you.. anxious to see the finished project! what year you think you will have it all up and running?