Friday, October 21, 2011

No Work But Still Inspired

I'm pretty amazed at people wanting to read my blog. Don't get me wrong, I'm very flattered and thank you for reading. It just amazes me that people would be interested in me working on an old camper trailer. Not too long after I started this blog, Jon Carter (whom I've never met), happened onto my blog emailed me asking me questions about the Streamline. It turned out he'd just acquired a '66 Streamline. He was interested in what problems he might run into. I guess you could say, just tons of work. LOL He just sent me some pics of his trailer and it is a really cool looking.

1966 Streamline

I really like the curved windows. It's a '66 model, so if he wants to buff and polish it to a mirror finish, he can. Jon hasn't started on his project yet. He said something about having to do some work on his barn before he can get it inside to start work. Hmmmm...I think I can relate.

Streamline started anodozing the outside aluminum in 1967, which means they chemically treated the outside to create a super hard exterior that would keep it's luster for quite a while. So, on 1967 models and later you can't buff and polish them.  Well, you can but it is really a hassle because you have to use oven cleaner or some sort of acid wash to get the outer layer of anodized aluminum off before it can be buffed and polished. I don't think I want to go to that much trouble. Plus when you polish an aluminum trailer it takes about 20+ hours per foot of trailer, so a 20' trailer will take somewhere near 400 hours to polish. Then you have to clearcoat it. Then in 3 to 4 years you have to go  through the whole process again. So to get a mirror shine on my trailer it would take me somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 to 900 hours of work. That would really be a lot of work. I'm not quite that inspired. LOL

I thought I'd show you some of the sites I've looked at to get my ideas and how to do things. One of the best sites that you can (IMHO) read to get ideas on how to do things is This website is dedicated to airstreams, but the process to build a Streamline, Silver Streak is basically the same. I've read a lot of the threads on how to fix the floor, repair the frame, and lots of other miscellaneous threads just because they were interesting. Tons of information here.

Craig Dorsey built some custom airstreams and has a website called Vintage Vacations He built the 'Adirondack' which happens to be my most favorite design in an airstream. There are a ton of really nice trailers out there but his is the one I like the best.

I used this pic on my blog for awhile. I just hope mine comes out looking half as nice.

Really nice kitchen!

 Even the living room is super nice!!

And the outside. Very nice lines!

Paul Lacitinola, the guy I bought my trailer from has a site - Vintage Camper Trailers - Paul has a place just outside of Sacaramento, Ca where he feeds his passion of restoring vintage 'canned ham' trailers. Here are some of his trailers - 

1954 Aljoa Sportsman

1962 Shasta Atrodome

1959 Shasta Deluxe

1962 Deville

Paul and his wife Caroline have several other trailers that they are working on. The above trailer is the first one Paul restored and polished. He told me he'd never polish another one. Polished trailers look really good when they are clean and spotless, but it is very labor intensive to keep them looking great!

There are lots of sites and lots of different groups that promote the restoration and rebuilding of vintage trailers. I'll use these for filler until I can get all my other little projects (ducks in a row) done and get back to work on the trailer. I've been thinking I need to get everything in the shop set up so I'll be able to put the trailer inside and it will be warm enough this winter to work on it while it is inside. Yeah, that's a good idea! 

I fixed Patsi's whirly gig this morning that I broke while weed eating earlier this week. This afternoon we worked on getting some power to the green house so we'll be able to keep all our plants warm this winter. 

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  1. Hi! I just purchased what I think is a 1968 Prince Streamline trailer with the intention of gutting it out and using it as a chicken coop. Well, that was until someone pointed out to me that I was committing a crime of sorts! lol I was wondering if I could email you some pics and you could tell me what you think it's value is. I don't want to restore it but I would have no problem selling it to someone that would. I'm in San Diego. Thanks!