Friday, April 20, 2012

Buttoning Down Cabinet Tops....Simple....Huh???

I thought I'd secure the cabinet tops to the cabinets this morning. Simple job, shouldn't take too long.......WRONG!!

We'd bought the ready made tops cut at a 45 degree angle and they seemed to fit great. Problems began when I put the formica ends to finish out the ends of the tops. The finish ends went on well enough. Then I had to connect the two pieces together with the special bolts. I got the bolts tightened and the two pieces leveled and ready to push into place and secure to the cabinets. Hmmmm.....wouldn't go in. Turns out the formica end kit has an additional piece of particle board that you add to the bottom of the cabinet top and it is about 1/2" too wide and the cabinet top won't slide all the way back to the wall.

So now I'm doing a little trimming and sculpting. Well, I finally got the pieces cut with my trusty grinder and cutting disk. It was sort of smoky and dusty but it did fit.

So, my short morning project turned into an all day affair. Not unusual for a lot of things I do. LOL!

I'll add some pics tomorrow.

Until next time....


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