Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cabinets & dripworks

March was plenty hot & windy, but April has been pretty nice. We've had some wind but nothing really terrible and the days have been fairly cool, not to mention the nights being dang near cold. The past few days we've been adding drip systems to all of our flower beds and garden beds. We thought we'd planned really well only to get the order in and instantly discover with all of our meticulous planning we still didn't order enough T's. Luckily the company we used, Dripworks, is a very fast company. We ordered Monday morning and we should get it Thursday. About 15 minutes after we'd ordered I decided we'd need some more metal stakes and called back to add to our order. They'd already pulled the order and we couldn't add anything to it, so I'll do without the stakes.

Today I had to give my hands and wrists a break from pushing the tubing into the fittings, so I worked on our cabinets in the shop. Still have a few details to finish up but they are looking pretty good.

We will probably add one or two more upper cabinets and add backsplash on the exposed wall. It's coming along a little at a time. 

Planning on going to the 5th Annual Restoration Rally in Albuquerque. Hope I'll pick up some techniques and pointers for restoring the New Mexi-Can. Yep, I still have it and I still plan on finishing it. Have been surfing for ideas for the past month or so. The black water tank has to come out and having set over the winter, it has finally all dried up. I think I can unbolt the dump valve and drop the tank now without getting showered with a bunch sh**. I really wasn't looking forward to that chore. Now maybe it won't be too bad.

Below is the flyer and application for the rally. I found it on - at this link:

Looking forward to getting away for a few days too. Patsi will get to visit with Stan and family while we're there also. So it should be a good trip.

Well, that's about all for now....until next time....


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