Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stumps, Pinks & Chayote

On my previous post I mentioned having to remove some stumps. The large stump, a very large and very old chinese elm tree that we'd cut down a few years ago was very close to the fence. I ended up with a pretty large hole around the stump. I was really trying to be extra careful because I didn't want to knock the fence down, especially since we just had new neighbors move in next door.

I even got stuck in the hole with my little tractor and the bucket was resting against the fence so I didn't have much wiggle room. I finally got the tractor out without pushing the fence over. WHEW!!!  And I finally got the roots broke loose that were right up against the fence and got the stump out.

The other stumps in the back area of the yard was a  little easier to remove once I found out where the gas line was. That would have been a real screw up if I'd have dug into the gas line. Luckily we had put a new gas line in a few years prior, so it wasn't hard to find. I still have lots of roots to contend with but I think they'll rot away in a year or so. In the meantime I'll plant some veggies back there. I already have some corn coming up. I'll have to thin it out in a day or so.

I failed to include any pictures so I thought I'd post a few:

The stump is gone now and I have it leveled out so I can move the tractor into the back area of the yard where the corn is planted. I have an onion bed back there also with about 400 onions in it. We have another bed in our back yard at the rock house with about 100 more onions, so I don't think we'll run out of onions anytime soon, especially since Patsi doesn't really like onions. She will tolerate dishes with onions cooked in. But....she will pick them out! 

Below is a series of pictures I took of some pinks that Patsi has planted in a tub in the front yard. I think pinks are a really cool flower and we've ended up planting quite a few different varieties in various areas. These that are in the tub are a really neat color and design.

I planted a chayote today. Say What????? Yep, a chayote....for all you veggie illiterates, that is a Latin American squash of the Cucurbitaceae family. I didn't know all that stuff until I looked it up on the internet. LOL

I have eaten them before though and they are pretty good. From what I've read on the net, they are a very vigorous growing vine, up to 50'.  A family of four only needs one vine, so if mine grows we'll have more than we can eat. I'll share. LOL

Here is a few pics of the chayote:

Cool looking plant. I hope it doesn't take over.

Until next time.....


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