Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Smiling Tulips and Friends

Here's a few more pics of the tulips and other flowers......

Here's a few more pics of the Sun Rays, tulips and other flowers......

Here's another shot of the sun and rays I poured recently. The concrete is stained with copperas and then sealed. Eventually the slab  will continue the full length of the shop and will have a tin roof following the roof line of the shop.

These are the two apple trees and the two peach trees we planted recently after I got the lilac bush removed and the old trees removed. I still have to mulch the area and finish up with some more plants.

Tulips, daffodils, and pinks on the edge of the drive.

Tulips on Humphrey Hill

Tulips on Humphrey Hill

Looking northwest at tulips on the hill

Looking southwest at the hill

Some really cool orange & yellow tulips

Looking north at the northern end of the tulip bed

A couple of patches of daffodils

Above three shots looking south at the north end of the tulip bed

This is where I moved the lilac bushes (in the front of the house). Purple one is the closest one and the far one is a white lilac. We separated the white one and ended up with 37 lilac bushes. I still have to separate the purple bush.

Above two pictures are Patsi's pansies.

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