Thursday, May 17, 2012

Drip Systems, Graduation, & the Big Apple

We spent the past few weeks installing drip systems in all of our raised beds, flower beds, and any plants that might need watering if we take a trip, such as the one we took this past week, to New Jersey to attend our nephew's graduation from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The ceremony was nice, maybe a little long as they read every graduating person (2400+), but he was one happy camper after it was over. He even gets a couple of weeks off before he starts his internship at Standard & Poor's. 

We took 3 days to get to NJ which makes each day about a 10 hour day of driving. It was really nice to not have anything to do except lay around, watch tv, and sleep. I think we took 2 naps a day while we were there. Felt mighty nice to sleep that much.

Rod & Hiroko's house in NJ

Nice storm drain on the way to the train depot from Rod's

Another country shot in the city

chipmunk in Rod's yard

tourists & locals in NYC

Time to cross the street

awe struck

even business men

fruit stand

Old & young

hotdog & pretzel stand

Coffee here before the theater

Million Dollar Quartet was fantastic

Lots of feet

all styles

Family dinner @ Kodama's

more feet

waiting near Kodama's

waiting on dinner

Rod, Hiroko, & the Graduate - Taku

Taku & Erica

Group Pic

Coffee with Kati

Walkin' the streets

still travelin'

double parked on 73rd Street trying to load a barber chair

carried the barber chair out of Kaz's apartment in NYC after being stuck in traffic for over an hour trying to get into the city. Rod barely had enough time to get to work on time. Wouldn't have been able to load it without his help.

Gasoline was rather high in NYC!! Luckily we didn't need gas at the time!

Stopped in east Stroudsburg, Pa. to stop at a Walmart for some cleaning supplies. It was near lunch so we ate at the Holy Guacamole Mexican Grill. Set up similar to a Chipolte Grill. Build your own burrito or taco. Simple, tasty, and quick. Very good mexican food, especially for Pennsylvania!

Patsi adjusting the chair in the rear of the SUV

Italian food in Hubbard, Oh. Not that great, but not bad.

Until next time......


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