Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vintage Restoration Rally

Well, it's been a pretty hectic month. We went to New Jersey for our nephew's graduation from college May 15th. Took in a play off Broadway, 'Million Dollar Quartet', which was, in my opinion the best play that I've seen in NYC. We stopped in Cleveland to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and had a burger at Michael Symon's (on The Chew) B-Spot. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was great and the burger was...probably the best burger I've ever had. It was that GOOD!!!

We got home the 20th. Was home for 3 days and we loaded up and left again. This time to Killeen, Texas to attend my aunt's 90th birthday. We went through Lubbock, picked up my sis, then to Comanche and spent the night with my mom. Saturday was in Killeen at the party and visiting with all the cousins and relatives. Then driving back to Comanche. Drove Sunday to Lubbock and dropped off my sis and then home.

Then this past weekend, Patsi and I loaded the fifth wheel up and headed for Albuquerque for the 5th annual Vintage Restoration Rally at the Enchanted Trails RV park on the west side of town. I happened to find out about the rally in March and signed up immediately. I knew I'd learn some shortcuts and tricks only known by people that have restored a vintage trailer and I wasn't disappointed.

The RV park gave everyone at the rally a special rate and it was really pretty special. For that matter the rally wasn't all that expensive either, so overall the rally was great!

There were airstreams all sizes and in all stages of restoration. The one above is a guy from Alamogordo. The white roof really helps with the heat in the summer time.

There was hands on instruction in nearly every phase of restoration. Below is some pics of various projects that were attacked over the weekend.

Rebuilding the door on a 1954 Flying Cloud

Panel replaced (sorry they aren't in order)

Watching a demonstration

Drilling out buck rivets for a panel replacement

A couple of the instructors expounding on the subject at hand.

Hands on panel removing

Pulling the old panel out

Got that bugger off!

Hamming it up and getting the old panel out of the way.

Lining up the old panel as a patter onto the new aluminum

Cutting the new panel

Installing a fantastic fan on the 54 Flying Cloud

Drilling the new panel.

Polish demo on the door. He polished the front panel on the airstream in the background also.

Repairing a window out of 70's model airstream.

Sheridan's restored airstream (5th year at the rally, 1st year he was on a motorcycle and in a tent).

Wet Bath

Nice breakfast nook. Screen on window is bamboo impregnated in plexiglass, as were all the windows.

Sheridan explaining how it's done.

Saturday night, ready for the raffle. I won the big prize....a nice Weber Gas Grill!!

We made it home Monday and it has been pretty hot. All of our plants survived until the hail storm Tuesday afternoon. Most of the garden faired pretty well but the trees got pruned pretty good. Luckily we only had one busted window in our house and the skylight in the house across the alley. The rent house had one pane broke on a double paned window. Got all of them fixed for the time being. We're thinking about replacing the whole window on our house. It is a triple window and really old. The middle window got broke but the wood around all three windows is really old and we really should replace the whole unit.

Speaking of windows, I worked on the New Mexi-Can windows today. And yes, it got pounded pretty good during the hail storm. Quite a few dings on the curb side and broke a few panes of glass. The glass isn't a big deal since I was going to tear the windows down and get them all cleaned up. I'll just have to put some new glass in some of them.

The hail dings are a different story though. I can use a dent roller and massage most of the dent out. Won't be perfect but will sure look better than it does now. I'll post some pictures later.

That's about all for now. After all the road miles I'm ready to stay home for a bit, rest up and work on my projects.

Until next time......


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