Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Greetings from Our World.....

Just thought I'd drop in and say hi from our world. We've been really busy since the last post. Our little friend above is from Roswell. He resides at the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art. We met this little guy last Saturday when we drove over for their Soup n Bowl fundraiser. The local pottery artists have a guild and periodically they have a fund raiser where they all make hand thrown pottery bowls and have a soup dinner to raise funds for the museum. 

The lunch was scheduled to start around 10:30am and we arrived a little early since it was our first time to attend a function of this sort. In fact we got there early enough to nearly be first in line. Luckily we were there early enough and didn't have to fight the crowd because when they opened the line so you could pick the bowl you wanted, there were several hundred waiting to get in.

While waiting for the line to open we were visiting with one of the potters and she told us they had over 1300 bowls made for this years fund raiser. Their first fund raiser was 1993 before the existing museum was opened in 1994. She said they decided to do a fundraiser and came up with the soup n bowl concept and had no idea of what they were doing. But they must have done something right because she said they raised over $27,000 for their first effort. They did it as an annual fund raiser for several years but after several years it became such a work house event they quit having them yearly. This year is the first year they've had a Soup n Bowl in eight years. It was a very unique event and we had a great time. I would have liked a little more soup but the line was so long I opted out.

Very nice museum!

We were one of the first ones there, and glad we were.

Busy looking for that special bowl.

Everybody shopping.....

Enjoying the soup.

The platters on the wall were handmade platters ont he silent auction. Most ranged $500 or more so we didn't bid on these.

A very unique photo (which I'm sure has been photoshopped). Picture doesn't do it justice since it was about 6' x 6' photo.

Prior to having so much fun at the museum we had more fun in our yard. On the east side of our house (the same side I built the hill on last year) we had three old trees that we needed to remove to make room for the  apple and peach trees we recently ordered. But in order to remove the trees we had to move a cord of pine wood from a pine tree we'd removed to build our shop. So, we moved the wood and made sort of a privacy screen on the west side of our house looking into the back yard (see below).

This is looking north from our back yard.

This is looking southeast into our back yard.

Looking south toward our back yard. You can't see the yard now.

On the east side where I cut the trees down. One is still standing.

This is a bit of the pine wood we didn't get moved.

The three trees gone. Now for cleanup (the hard part). The big bush on the right is a lilac bush which is over 40 years old and I need to move it also.

This is the front of the yard where we used to have a hedge growing. It never did very well due to the rock ledge it was planted on and the minus 10 degree weather we had last year finally got them.

Here's a couple of shots with the hedges removed. Still more cleanup.

Here I have the lilac bush dug out and trying to move it with out totally destroying it.

It was so heavy my little tractor couldn't lift it so I had to drag it.

But it worked!

Got it in place so we can split it up and replant.

Ready for the apple trees. Peach trees haven't arrived yet but we're ready for them too.

Tulips, daffodils, irises and hyacinths coming up. Should look really nice in a few weeks.

This is the front ready for new landscape. Still quite a bit of prep work to do!

Tulips in the front flower bed.

Patsi's pansy bed.

Brush from the removed trees that I need to chip.

Brush pile next to the chip pile.

Pomegranate tree on left and dwarf peach tree that we bought last year on right.

Ready for another ray.

The weather is finally becoming warm enough to get outside and do things. We have ton of things to do and loving every minute of it. We're making a little progress by doing a little at a time and gradually getting it all to come together. I should be able to get back into the shop in a couple of days and get the cabinets set and begin to get some things put away so we'll have room to work.

Well, that's about all from our world at the moment, so we'll say Bye for now.......

Until next time.......


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  1. Looks like good times! Love the sculpture, looks Mayan-inspired somewhat.