Monday, February 20, 2012

Pouring Cement & Fixing the wall

Week before last had some pretty nice days and I got started on pouring cement between my shop and Patsi's greenhouse. I had to tear out the old garage floor first as you can see in the picture (even tho the picture isn't very good).

This is the old wall of the old garage. It wasn't on a foundation and the base boards of the wall were just sitting on top of the ground. Needless to say the wood was pretty rotten even though they used cedar. So I had to cut the studs and pour some concrete underneath them. 

Here and in the following shots you can see the footer that I poured under the wall.

I got started on recovering the wall after insulating it, but then it got cold so I had to put it on hold for about a week.

Yesterday it was pretty cold but I got the form built for my half circle step out of the back door of the shop with the intentions of pouring this morning. Luckily it was nice this morning and I did get the concrete poured.

It was still pretty nice about 9:30 this morning so I decided to go ahead and try to get the wall finished also. I did get it finished except for the two side trim pieces. Here is how it looks now....

Still have quite a bit of concrete to mix and pour, but I'll do a little at a time. Hopefully it will turn out looking nice.

Below is what I did last week while it was a little colder outside. We purchased some cabinets from Sutherland's in Carlsbad when they ran a good sale. They were unfinished oak cabinets so I had to paint them and finish the oak. I stained them with 'golden pecan' stain' and then sealed them with polyurethane.

Got them nearly ready to install. I have the upper corner cabinet left to get sealed with polyurethane. We have the corner cleaned out and ready for the new cabinets. It will sure help out on getting some of the stuff off the floor and stored out of the way. That's been one our biggest problems with trying to get the shop organized, not having enough shelf space to store things. I still have some shelves that I need to get moved in. A little at a time.

That's about all that we've been up to here lately. We're just hangin' out waiting on warmer weather.

Until next time......


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