Friday, March 2, 2012

A Couple of New Rays

Well, it's been a busy few days which resulted in a couple of new rays. Below is the form for the 1st one I poured on the 28th. 

Everything nearly in place and ready to go. I used the wheel barrow to mix this ray. After I was through I realized I didn't get enough cement mixed in and it came out rather grainy.

Burning scrap wood.

Finished the pour. I think it took about 8 wheel barrow loads. I sort of lose count and in the big scheme of things I guess it really doesn't matter. LOL

We poured the second ray (in the past few days) this morning. Made sure I mixed more cement in with the mix today and it turned out much better in my view. I need to pour a curb extending out from the greenhouse and then I'll have three more rays to pour to finish this section of the slab.

I finally got the east side of the house ready for the apple and peach trees. I have the apple trees in the ground (below) and we're waiting on the peach trees. They should be in sometime next week (I think??)


Below is my brush pile from the trees and shrubs I removed. I ran the chipper the other day most of the afternoon. I made a dent in the pile but still have quite a bit left to chip.

It took most of the afternoon to get this small pile of mulch. It really makes you wonder if all the work is really worth it. 

This is Patsi's new planter for her pansies. A friend of ours was going to take the sink to the dump but we wanted it for a planter. With no plumbing to hold it together we had to glue the sink to the stand and then glue the stand to the cinder block tiles. She'll have it full of pansies in a day or so.

Here's some shots (above) of the flower bed on the south side of our drive to the shop. There are some daffodils coming up and I have some tulips planted in this spot also.

Above is some pics of the cabinets I finished a week or so ago. I haven't installed them yet but wanted to see how they would look in place. Maybe I'll be able to get them installed next week. These will sure help on getting rid of some of the clutter.

Gonna take a break tomorrow and head out to the mud races in Nadine. A friend of mine just rebuilt his Bronco for the mud races. He's ran it for the past few years. I've only been out there once and that weekend it was raining like it never rains in NM. I think that was the last good rain we've had....must have been a couple of years ago when I went. lol

Hopefully, it will be a nice day tomorrow.

Until next time.....


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