Monday, March 12, 2012

2 More Rays & 2 Posts

It's been a few days (okay, maybe a couple of weeks) since I posted last. Been pretty busy trying to get the sun rays finished, waiting on nicer weather. Yep, it snowed and sleeted here for a couple of days, so we didn't do much but stay inside and keep warm and dry.

Last Thursday it was fairly nice and I was getting ready to set a couple of posts for the cover that I'll put over the concrete I've been working on. I had hauled the posts and was getting them positioned in the back yard when a helper angel showed up. Robert Salmon, a friend, that lives up the street stopped by to help me mix and pour some cement. Boy, he couldn't have picked a better day (at least for me!!). The weather wasn't so great because the wind was blowing pretty hard. But, he was definitely a great help. Don't know if I would have been able to do it by myself. A big Thank You to Robert.

Below you can see the posts and the 6' x 18" curb we poured out from the greenhouse.

These pictures were taken Sunday after our little bit of bad weather Friday & Saturday. I poured the third ray in the middle, which you can see is still wet. The posts will be the mid supports for the roof cover we plan on putting over the concrete slab. Still lots to do!

I prepped the rest of the area yesterday (Sunday) afternoon so I could pour another ray today.

Recipe for Concrete:
Forms ready, mixer in place, sand & gravel ready. Portland Cement. Mix ingredients and add water. Easy. 

Only problem they left out the labor part. I guess you'd say that's the hard part. But, gosh, it's been fun!

Got this ray on the ground. Only one more to go and this section will be finished as far as the concrete goes. The plan is to pour the last ray Thursday. In a couple of weeks after the concrete cures and is totally dry I'll stain the rays orange & red. You can see in the pictures above that I've been experimenting with the stain already. I've got the sun looking nearly the way I'd like it to look. Maybe I can get the rays to look right with the stains I have.

Next week I'll get busy on the inside of the shop and set the cabinets and more rearranging. Seems like the rearranging is a never ending job.

That's about all for now.

Until next time......


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