Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lots of rays

Got a little further along on this project. Got the forms set and a couple of pieces of the rays poured as you can see in the pics.

Poured the one at the top of the pic with the 2x4 laid across the top yesterday evening. Nearly got the cement too dry. I mixed the loads like I'd mixed the loads for the one at the bottom, which I poured yesterday morning. But it worked out.

Above, I was checking the level and preparing to install a drain for the faucet and also for our washer hookup. I learned why I'm not a plumber!

Drain will drain into a rainwater cistern that will be installed later.

I found a bunch of old 1 1/2" pvc that I used for the drain. Had to buy some couplings, a 'T', the drain fitting, and a cleanout Y. Other than that the drain was pretty cheap.

My cheering section

I got the drain fitted together and all glued up, filled in the ditch and waited til the evening to start pouring, so it wouldn't be so hot. I underestimated how big this ray was. It took about 10-11 loads with my mixer. That's a pretty big pour for me. Besides that it's a lot of work. I finally finished finishing the slab about midnight. Still didn't get it quiet as smooth as I wanted but I was just too tired to stay up any longer. It was a long day!!

Here's a couple of pics of the finished product - 

These are my welfare birds. I filled up that feeder this morning and they have it emptied by this afternoon. I've given them about 40 pounds of feed this past week. Boy are they gonna miss the feeders when I don't buy quiet as often.

That's about if for now. I still have plenty of concrete to mix and pour but I'll do a little at a time and it will be finished before long.

Sooooo....until next time.....


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