Sunday, June 9, 2013

Diggin' Dirt & Pullin' Teeth

I haven't posted much lately. I've mostly been busy helping mom after she got the few teeth she had left, pulled, and got her new dentures. She did fairly well the first week but has been feeling sort of sick off and on for the past week or so. 

We had planned a trip to Memphis to visit her older sister for her birthday on June 6th but it was only the 2nd week since she got her teeth pulled so we decided to postpone the trip til she improved. Lucky for us that we did postpone the trip because she started feeling bad the day we were supposed to leave. Then this past Wednesday she really started feeling bad. So she has been kind of a sick puppy off and on for the past week.

During this time I started working on the 2nd stage of our patio area behind our shop. If you recall the first phase had me pouring sections of concrete to resemble a sun with rays emitting from the doorway of the shop. Sort like the sun rising in the east. For this 2nd phase I decided to do a sun with the rays pointing toward the garage door opening with a much larger sun setting in the west. Hopefully it will turn out like I want it.

Below is some pictures of the progress I've made. I still have to move some of the sand around and pack it, plus build some more forms.

Inserted posts and plates to weld some posts to on each side of garage door.

Had to move quit a bit of dirt to get the grades right.

I will pour each section, one at a time and I hope I can keep my grade right so the water will drain away from the shop. The end product will be slightly below grade of the rest of the yard but we have plans for that as well. It just might take me a year or so to get to that part. 

The next step after I get the concrete poured will be to get the posts put up and the patio cover on. So, with the yard work, landscaping, projects on the Bluebird, getting back on the Streamline and 41 Chevy COE, and also working on the 4954 Suburbillac, I won't lack for anything to do for a while

A couple of weeks ago I also started a 'Yard Guard' sculpture.

Mr. Yard Guard isn't finished but he stands ready 24/7 guarding the east side yard. If I could only get him to dig holes and plant more plants he'd really be worth the trouble. Disregard the ugly trellis and the missing window pane. They have plans also, just haven't got aroundtoit yet.

So, that's kind of what we've been up to this summer, now that it's finally arrived. We have a couple of trips sort of planned but some of those will depend on how everyones health holds out.

Soooooo.....until next time.....


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