Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Poopy Work But it's Gotta Be Done

Ever since we bought the BMC the water tank bay has had me worried. The bottom of the bay was bulging out the bottom so I figured the plywood was probably pretty rotten. I had to study the tank bay quite a while to figure out how to get the tank out. With the bay door seal flange in place there just wasn't enough room for the fresh water tank to slide out. At first I thought I might have to remove the grey and black water tank also. Luckily I figured out that I could drill the rivets holding the flange seal on and get the fresh water tank to slide out. I'm not always real smart but I figured this one out without having to do a bunch of extra work.

Had to drill out 21 rivets

Bay door seal would let the fresh water tank out now.

Pretty rotten looking plywood. 2x10 board in the upper part of the pic was used as a persuader to get the fresh water tank out.

It probably would have lasted another 5 years or so, but I sure didn't want to be driving down the road and have my tank fall out.

Tank & old plywood

New plywood with one coat of epoxy - Added another coat the next morning.

It took 6 cans of Great Stuff to add foam insulation to the bottom of the new plywood. I added some bracing that the previous plywood didn't have. I probably should have made heavier bracing but it is certainly more than it had before.

JD Clayton came over and helped me slide the plywood in place and then the tank. I still have to reinstall all the plumbing and button some things up but the majority of this project is over. Yea!!

I'll post some pics of the finished product later.

Until next time.....


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