Sunday, April 21, 2013

Raisin' the Roof

Well, I started the RV shed extension a few weeks ago, but had to put it on hold a couple of weeks to get Patsi into the human body shop for an overhaul. Translated this means that she went into the hospital in Lubbock for a hysterectomy. All this was done at Women & Children's Hospital by Dr. Phillips. Dr. Phillips was/is great and the staff at the hospital was really fantastic. They took really good care of her while she was in the hospital. They have even called her here at home a week later checking on her, to see if she is still doing okay.

Ok, we're back at home now and I have started back on my project. Prior to leaving for the hospital a young man stopped by one afternoon looking for work. I didn't have anything at the time but told him I could sure use some help when I got back from Lubbock. I got in touch with him and he has been a great help. We don't have the tin on the roof or sides yet but here are a few shots of what we have done the past few days.

We did all this over the weekend. I rented a forklift so I wanted to try and get all the framework up while I had the fork lift. 

I take Patsi to the doc in Hobbs tomorrow to get the stitches out. I'll pick up the trailer to return the forklift and return it in the morning after we see the doc. Still lots of work to do but the hard part is done....I think!!

Until next time......

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  1. Holy crap Ron! You sure are ambitious- and skilled- and I like the red underwear! HA! Hope Patsi is doing better each day. By the way, her surgery is what we call "Urban Renewal". That's when they tear out the old factory and turn it into a playground.
    How the heck do you get around all the city inspectors and building codes?
    Later- Jerry Nordeen