Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 2 - Dead in Quincy

We got away from Pat's house in Venice, Fl about 10am. Pat had to go to work and Dick, her friend helped us back out of the drive. It was even easier to back out than it was to get in the drive...Yahoo!!

We drove the 350 (approx) miles to Quincy and found the fantabulous 'Beaver Lake RV Campground'. It was an older RV park/campground behind a BP convenience store right off Interstate 10. Location was great but it wasn't much in the way of a RV park. They had about 30 spaces (they were all pull-thru) but that was about it. It was basically a big open, grassy field with some rv hookups.

There wasn't this many motorhomes there when we parked. Only one next to us and a couple of 5th wheels to the left of us.

Pulled up in our assigned space #5 next to another motorhome. The guy was outside and told me he had to plug into the power next to his space because the space he was assigned to had reverse polarity. That didn't make me feel real secure about hooking up to this campground, but I didn't have much choice unless I wanted to run the generator all night (which I might should have done??). Don't have the luxury of having much when you fly. Limited on what you can carry in the way of tools etc.

So, I plugged in and everything seemed to work. Had my fingers crossed. Everything went well that evening. We ate and sat around and relaxed. Randy Dupree the Bluebird broker that had our coach listed was coming down in the morning from Bainbridge, Ga about 25 or so miles north of us.

I got up pretty early and went to the convenience store to see if they had some coffee filters. We'd bought coffee and a coffee maker but forgot to get filters. We tried to think of everything...but failed! Convenience store didn't have any filters. So I went next door to the other little fuel/store/BURGER KING and bought a couple of breakfast sandwiches. Went back to the coach and made some coffee using a paper towel as a filter. Life is least for the moment.

I don't exactly remember what I was doing when I noticed the batteries not putting out any power, but I did notice at some point. I tried to start the coach and couldn't even get a click. Oh Boy, this is gonna be fun! Randy had not arrived yet so I called him and see if he had any tools with him. He didn't have too much in his jeep and offered to turn around and bring some equipment. But not knowing exactly what our problem was it was hard to tell what he might need to bring, so I declined his offer. He said he'd arrive pretty soon.

In the meantime I decided to use my roadside assistance (Coach-Net) to see how well they perform. I called and they set up a truck to come give us a jump to get the coach started and possibly check it out to make sure everything was ok. Randy and a buddy of his, Mike (another Bluebird owner) arrived and we/they started looking over the situation. The battery chargers were cold (I didn't even know where they were prior to this) so they weren't getting any power. Check the breaker - Breaker tripped! Flipped breaker back on but still not getting any power. Mike suggested getting an extension cord and plugging directly into the chargers. I didn't have an extension cord but the neighbor next to me did, which he loaned to us. Got power to the chargers and soon we had the coach running. The neighbor wanted to see the coach so we gave he and his wife the 30 second tour. Randy might have another customer on his list???

Anyway, there is a steep learning curve on how to operate one of this big mobil boxes powered by a big diesel engine with all sorts of electrical gadgets and appliances. Maybe I'll eventually learn how to operate this big behemoth of a machine.

That's about it for Day

Until next time,......


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