Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Honey Boo Boo is Finished!!

I finished putting the final touches on the new tailgate this morning. I was trying to figure out where to put a couple of the stick on Dodge emblems from the old tailgate but nothing seemed to look right. My old tailgate had the Dodge Ram emblem below the latch handle but it wouldn't fit correctly anywhere. I was scratching my head wondering what to do when I notice the Dodge Ram letters on the old Dodge van I'm stripping down. So, I took it off, cleaned it up and put it in the lower right corner of the tailgate.

I'm still thinking about putting a couple of 2" amber round lights in the center of the zia to get the zia to stand out a little more. If you have any ideas leave a comment or send me an email.

Here's a pic of the tailgate in the down position. I had to extend the cables so it would be level when down. Thanks to JD for his idea and the pieces off an old chevy tailgate. They worked great. Had to do a little modification, but it worked out well. I did get to use all of the latching mechanism and it worked out well too. 

I found a really nice 1949 Westcraft 3 window trolly top. This one is a little short and doesn't have a full bath but it is really nice. This is the kind of vintage travel trailer that I'd really like to have, but not for the price they are wanting.

Here's a few pics:

Sure could use a shower & sink

These were the cadillac of trailers in the 40' and early 50's. Not very many of them left today.

Well, back to work, until next time.....



  1. Pretty snazzy tailgate!!!

    I don't know about NM, but in Colo. and I believe by Federal law, rear-facing burning lights, except for flashing turn signals must be red.

    When I rewired my yellow turn signals on my Kawasaki to burn all the time to make me more visible from the rear, at night, I had to change them to red. As you've observed, rear turn signals can be either red or yellow.

  2. Looks really good. I have some adhesive reflectors in amber and red... about 4" if you are interested.

  3. Remember the old '49 Prairie Schooner travel trailer that I bought and lived in when we were in Cruces? I'd sure like to have it back. Marv

  4. Boy that '49 Westcraft is cool. How much did they want for it?