Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gosh, it's already winter!!!!

Normally for the past 20+ years or so it hasn't really become very cold until January and February. But not this winter. MAN...it started getting cold the latter part of October. And this past week we've had two winter blasts which have really put us in the deep freeze.

Patsi and I have been trying to get all the plants put up, her greenhouse warm and cozy for the plants to spend the winter, and spreading wood chip mulch over all the flower beds, plant tulips and daffodils, and generally just getting ready for winter. We sure didn't expect to have to endure this cold this quick. Luckily we have everything nearly all buttoned up for winter.

Our new tulip beds (this was before it got cold)

Garlic is planted in the spot where the trunk shadow falls. Across the rock bed on the hill there are 300+ tulips and daffodils planted.

Daffodills left of the mums (that don't have any blooms now) and tulips on the right.

Tulips & daffodils planted between curb and sidewalk (450-500).

and yes.....it gonna cover the whole east side of our lot. Sure hope they all come up.

Early this morning after it got down to 12 F, it finally dawned on me that I had not done anything for the water manifold that I have in the shop. I was really expecting to open the shop door and see water spraying up in the air. Luckily that wasn't the case, so now I have a heater near the water pipes until this cold spell passes. The only trouble is that it is projected to be below freezing for the next week or so. So I guess winter is really here.

Started working on the 96 Ford PowerStroke this afternoon....changing out the water pump. I should have already had this done but kept putting it off for one reason or another. I've had the new water pump for 4 months or so, but just never could seem to get motivated to get it put in. I guess I finally got tired of it taking up space in my shop.

I should finish it tomorrow. I'll get the anti-freeze back in it and then it will relegated to the drive way....outside - again.

The New Mexi-Can will take its place and I'll get started back to work on it again. I really need to get the  tanks replaced and repaired, get the floor replaced and start putting the inside back together. It's gonna be FUN!!

I still have lots to organize, stuff to move around, cabinets to build and still have to install some more outlets, but I'll get a little bit here and a little bit there until....someday it might all be done.

Naw....doubt that day will ever come. LOL

Until next time......


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  1. Been cold here, in Colo., too. The battery in my weather station sending unit quit last night sometime. I saw 11 degrees F and the next time I looked, just had bars, indicating the sender quit. It's reading 24 right now, but guess I'd better get me a fresh battery. Have still got around 8-10 inches of snow in the back yard from Sunday. Just got 2-3 inches last night.

    Are you changing out your waste tanks? Let me know how it goes. I've got to change my grey water tank in order to mount the trailer hitch on my Cruiser. Can't understand why they give a tow rating on the vehicle then put a water tank in that doesn't allow the mounting of any hitch I've seen